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Sunday, January 22nd

@ 3PM EST, 12:00PM PST

Only 500 Spots

Very limited webinar...

Meg Richichi

Fertility Expert

Adam Banning

Moderator & Functional Medicine Expert
Presently, 1 in 7 couples have difficulty getting pregnant and 50% of these couples are labeled with unexplained infertility. Meg Richichi's revolutionary approach to infertility has helped countless women conceive healthy babies. During this live online event, Meg will unravel the various infertility factors preventing a pregnancy and a comprehensive program to enhance conception while minimizing the risk of miscarriage.
During This Live Online Event You'll Learn:
• The revolutionary new- Fertility Diet Program

• Commonly overlooked factors your doctor may be missing when assessing your fertility

• Why the sleep-fertility connection is so important

• How you can resolve underlying causes of PCOS to help you conceive naturally

• Specifically targeted nutrients and supplements that can enhance your fertility

• Clinically proven approached to significantly reduce your risk of miscarriage and birth defects.

• And, so much more
Meg Richichi

A Women’s Integrative Medicine Practitioner & Board Certified Acupuncturist for over 2 decades.  Meg Richichi has helped thousands of women around the country struggling with Infertility, PMS, PCOS, Menopause, Hormonal Issues, Autoimmune Disorders and an array of other serious health conditions. She presently practices and resides in Charleston, South Carolina.

Praise From Clients
Meg's wisdom is life changing! I desperately came to Meg after several years of unexplained infertility issues. From our first visit, I knew that Meg would help me, but had no idea how much impact she would have on my life. Meg's holistic approach- focusing on specific dietary changes and supplements were key to enhancing my fertility. After only a few months, I became pregnant and now have a beautiful and healthy son. Words cannot express how I feel about Meg. If you are looking for a healthy approach to your fertility in a positive and mindful way- please see Meg. She is the perfect guide!
- M.C.
Meg's approach to women's fertility became an essential component of my care and my quest to have a baby. Meg became a great advisor during this challenging process and her all around support was wonderful.
- Jill
Meg is a wonderfully intuitive and caring practitioner. I had my second daughter at the age of 42 and I give much credit to Meg for helping me to sustain a very healthy pregnancy. She really cleaned up my diet and I absolutely believe that contributed to my ability to conceive my daughter. I had great energy all during my pregnancy thanks to Meg!
Meg was an amazing support both before and during my pregnancy. She helped me maintain a healthy body and mind throughout the most important year of my life and I am forever grateful! 
-Nicole A.
I remember first meeting with Meg, I was just broken and sobbed during most of it. After a failed IVF Cycle at Cornell in NYC, I was determined to give my next cycle the absolute best possible chances. I started seeing Meg a few months before my next IVF, she helped me get in the best possible place physically and mentally. I really felt so alone after my first IVF failed, Meg made me feel that I had a partner in my fertility struggle. I am happy to say that I am the proud Mommy of my two miracles, Sophia & Michael! I was so blessed to have found Meg & work with her through my IVF's, I will be forever grateful for her partnership in my journey to becoming a mother.
-Janine V.
I had trouble getting pregnant with our first child - I needed to use Clomid. When we were ready to have another baby, I turned to Meg Richichi instead. I wanted to get my body as healthy and ready for pregnancy as possible without using drugs. After just two months of working with Meg my husband and I conceived identical twins - totally naturally! We feel extremely blessed. The boys are now healthy and happy and almost three years old!
-Rebecca C.

A very special thanks to you for being a part of the team that helped me get pregnant. I am so grateful. Being a mom is everything I dreamed of and more. Lots of love
-Kelly D.
Praise From Distinguished Colleagues 

Jonathan Scher, MD

"Meg and I share in a mutual commitment to help women conceive and have healthy babies. Meg’s approach is a valuable component for any woman to include when preparing for pregnancy. She believes that fertility is not just about age or quality of a woman’s eggs- reproductive health is also a reflection of a woman’s overall health- I couldn’t agree more."

Dana G. Cohen, MD

"Meg is a phenomenal practitioner! We share quite a few patients over the years and I truly believe her unique approach is the answer to many of these women's fertility issues. Also, I have never seen such high percentages of women getting pregnant with her help."
When you reserve your spot you will also receive:
- A copy of the presentation (PDF format)
- A 20% discount on all 2017 online events
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